Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fashion Forward

Welcome To Fashion Forward Plus Size 

                        Plus Size Clothing, Tips, and Etc. 

I know what your thinking blogs  plus size fashion! No Way. But I am here to tell you its true. Well I thought as I blogged this the first blog should be tips for the bloggers who follow us. Lets Get started!
  1.  Don't be ashamed of your size. ( If you are an 2x don't try to squeeze into a 1x )
  2. Know your body type. ( Know if your lumpy and uneven and know if your an hourglass this helps you to better know which clothes to buy.)
  3. Everything in your size is not for you. ( Just because it's in your size and its cute doesn't mean it's for you.)
  4. Be Confident. 
  5. Don't buy anything without trying it on. ( I know it's going to be asked what if your online shopping if It doesn't fit send it back.) ASAP

Okay that's All for Today Guys!

Bye !!

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